Leadership Coaching

As a Leadership Coach, I bring over 15 years of my own experience in building, re-structuring and supporting high-awareness and high-performance teams across several countries and continents.

My main focus is your people. Your people deliver your results.

For the agreed period of time, I become an extended part of your team. Giving attention you don’t have time to give to every team member, truly understanding the strengths of each employee, learning what motivates and de-motivates them, what empowers them and frustrates them, finding out how their vision links to yours and how connected they really are (or not) to contributing to your culture and results.

I will be there for you as the Leader of the team to coach and challenge you so that you can better connect with your team.

I am not here to compete with you as the Leader of your team or show you how to do your job. That’s not my mission. Far from it. With respect, I bring the outside perspective as sometimes we get bogged down in the routine of our everyday life and can’t see the wood for the trees.

We will work with your team’s values, triggers, strengths and opportunities and will guide them to be intentional about what they bring to the table. I empower people to be who they really are and use that self-awareness to introduce fresh, innovative and original ideas to your business.

I am a hands-on people coach. I understand your world and that understanding enables me to work with your team’s true emotions, mindset and their everyday human challenges. I am here to listen, support and work with you as the Leader. And I do so with compassion and a genuine desire to help. Because I have been in your shoes.

No one client is the same. Before I present your organisation with a tailor-made proposal, I will learn all there is about the team and the reason why you would like me to step in for a while. Once I understand and both parties feel we are a good match, I prepare a full plan.

My Mission

I’ve experienced too many organisational structural changes in my life to believe that a lasting change can be driven from the top down. It simply does not happen that way.

Unless we support the team leaders and the actual teams on the ground, we will not achieve a real change. Offering coaching to the company executives has its purpose, but serves a very different goal than coaching the teams that execute on everyday deliverables.

I am all for having a strategic macro perspective on the business. Of course, vision and strategy are the key. But without a healthy microstructure to reach that vision, it will simply stay just that – a vision.

Especially now, in the post-pandemic world of the employee’s exhaustion, confusion and unwillingness to work in an unhealthy work environment, the attention must be on stabilising, empowering and re-building teams on the ground. Not by organising one-day trainings and workshops that leave them with a lot of theory which is soon forgotten, but by living their everyday reality, supporting them with their everyday questions and by listening, really listening, to their unique set of challenges.

As your team’s coach, it is my mission to help you build and strengthen your company’s foundations so that you can run a healthy, reliable and profitable business.