Thank you for your kind words


My experience with Michaela as a Transformational Coach has been absolutely stellar.
From the very first session, I have noticed how genuinely kind, interested and loving she is. Through the Individual Coaching Leadership and Mindset Program of 8 sessions, she managed to make me go through a complete journey of transformation, at my own rhythm.
I was originally quite skeptical but her energy and amazing coaching abilities made me trust her completely and I come out of this program completely transformed, in ways I had not imagined.
I am grateful that I got to work with Michaela and I wholeheartedly recommend her coaching work to any person who wants to take the next step in their life, either because they feel stuck or because they are ready to create more or create differently.

Clément Dénarié

I worked with Michaela on 2 specific blocks that I kept experiencing over and over again and it was causing me so much distress and also I haven’t been able to move forward with my life and business.

The blocks were my victim mindset and fear of money.

Michaela coaches me to so much clarity and understanding why I kept holding onto those beliefs that I cannot tell you what a transformation she made in my life.

My victim/little hurt mini me needed so much love and compassion and my money block was based on the anger I held for how I grew up around abundance of money.

I cannot thank Michaela enough. She has a confidence to take you way further then you are able to do yourself and also she has courage to challenge you to expand your thinking to directions you never thought was possible.

Adrijana Tomas Goryn

“I wanted to work with Michaela on strengthening my boundaries. All my life I’ve had difficulties in this area and I’d reached a point where I knew this was affecting my personal relationships, my professional life, and my happiness. Gently and warmly, Michaela helped me to take a step back and understand patterns of behaviour and emotion in unhealthy relationships, and to see where these applied in my own life. We talked through practical strategies to break these patterns and protect my emotional space, needs and goals. And they worked, and even got easier each time! She also worked with me to vision my future plans and the steps needed to get there. Our sessions together really supported me to build healthier relationships with others and myself, and given me more confidence to move forwards. I can very much recommend working with Michaela if you’re looking for growth and transformation in your life. “

Hannah S

Michaela is a exceptional coach.
She asks simple yet thought provoking questions which allowed me to unearth the subconscious thinking that leads to me ‘getting in my own way’.
Michaela guides you to explore your thinking and emotional world by noticing what’s happening in your body without any jargon, which is refreshing and makes working with her truly magical.
I highly recommend a conversation with her to help you get unstuck and move to action.

Rose Latham

Michaela was an incredible coach. She is really warm and easy to talk to – I always looked forward to my sessions! She asked a lot of questions which challenged my way of thinking. The whole process has been life changing and I really recommend her to anyone wanting to transform their lives.   

Sara H

Before working with Michaela, I had always doubted my capabilities as a potential leader. Despite of working with some great leaders, I never felt “ready” to step up into the leadership role.

Working with Michaela gave me the confidence to accept my first leadership role. She believed I was ready. Michaela is very team focused, works at a high pace yet very structured. Her drive and positivity are infectious. She invests her time into each team member, helps to create individual development plans, mentors and coaches her team.

Michaela largely influenced the way I am today as a leader and I know that I can contact her anytime I get off the track.  

Cristy Iranzo

Director of Events Sales and Planning

“Bold, straight talk, and supportive are the three main ingredients of Michaela coaching sessions. Being a first time leader in a large International company challenges come through different shapes and forms. The sessions adds great value in order to gain different views, understanding and perspective to manage, influence and engage my aims and goals at work. Conversations are engaging, interactive and straight to the point. The sessions in the last five months did had a positive impact on my daily work basis. Overall, if you seek to get the best out of yourself ! Sign up with Michaela!”

Erik Daniels

“In the recent years, Michaela and I have been colleagues and I witnessed her pathway to make her passion and ability become her life.

We had maintained the contact and I was hesitant to initiate work with her as we had this connection and was unsure about the line between one and the other.

In the end, we gave it a go last summer and I am so glad I jumped!

Other the weeks, I realized how Michaela was exceptionally qualified. She truly challenged me, made me “re-wire” and supported my journey out of a difficult phase. I can tell there is so much work and reflection between and during sessions from her. Equally, I was deep thinking and reflecting in between. There was a purpose to each session and everything was intentional, not just a session!

The whole process has been enriching, transformational indeed and SO beneficial.

Michaela is continuously working, studying, in retreats and coaching for herself which brings our conversations so much.

Go for it!”


“Michaela has supported me to become the best version of myself, both personally and professionally. Her guidance, patience and professional insight has helped me overcome a number of challenges, many I have taken as fact, without ever questioning, why?

I have worked with coaches in the past and none stack up to Michaela, her confidence and belief, along with her honest and compassionate approach is incredibly refreshing. If you are looking to make a change, or need support and are not sure how to get there or who to ask, I cannot recommend Michaela highly enough.

Thank you for everything Michaela, I look forward to continuing our journey together.”

Ruthie B.

“Michaela is both professional and empathic in her approach. She asks pertinent and searching questions. These helped me clarify and accept why I had made the decisions I had and how best to live with them, in the most compassionate and effective way. I believe her years of corporate business experience gives her the insight into the challenges people face. And, this in turn, is a fundamental support to help others find their own way through those challenges and, where appropriate, make the necessary changes and decisions. I would recommend her without any hesitation.”

Vanessa A.T.

“I first worked with Michaela ten years ago in the corporate world. She gave me my chance as a people manager and guided me in my first leadership role. I was an efficient but challenging team member and probably not the first choice for a managing role, but Michaela saw through me and in the course of the time I worked with her helped me in overcoming my own limitations and become the people leader I am today. Her advice have resonated with me during the years and I have often found myself quoting her back to my teams.

More recently, I reached out to Michaela to guide me through a new challenge as I returned to work after maternity leave and post-natal depression. Her gentle handling of harsh truths, combined with her capacity to help professionals unlock their own limitations turned an uncomfortable situation I couldn’t quite explain or describe, into an opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. After only a short session I was able to clearly express what was going through my head and returned to work as a thriving professional and collaborative team member. That day, thanks to Michaela, I built a bridge instead of breaking one.

I compare Michaela’s work to the work of a physiotherapist: gentle manipulation that might hurt a little at first but will help you achieve lifelong comfort as long as you do your exercises!”

Fanny V.