It’s lovely meeting, allow me to introduce myself.

But after that – it’s all about YOU.


If someone asked me to summarise my professional background to date, I would have to say it revolves around three main areas:

  • Travel
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Leadership & Coaching


I have always been intrigued by new cultures, countries and customs. Being born in (at that time still) communistic Czech-Slovakia (I am Slovak), I really, and I mean really, wanted to see the world.

Today, I am settled with my hubby in the South of England (his birthplace), but we took a long way round to get here. We met in Tenerife 24 years ago and lived there for six years, then moved to Slovakia for a few years, followed by UAE, Vietnam and Japan and visited many other countries in-between. I think I can honestly say that I got the traveling bug out of my body. I am so incredibly grateful for all the opportunities that came my way through working in the colourful industry of international hotels and resorts.

Sales & Marketing

It wasn’t intended. You know how life often happens and you end up doing things that were not really on your agenda? Well, that’s what happened to me.

As I mentioned above, I always wanted to travel. No particular place – I wanted to go anywhere. And I always wanted to be a business woman. No particular business – I simply wanted to have a briefcase (yes, when I was young people carried briefcases), lead meetings and shake hands with other business people. I loved watching people having meetings in cafes. 

Long story short, in the last 20+ years I have been very fortunate to work as a Director of Sales and Marketing in a number of countries and leading the teams in a number of amazing hotels and resorts. Many things have happened in those 20+ years, and the accidental, long-lasting relationship with Sales and Marketing have taught me many things I am very grateful for. Particularly in the area of Leadership and Coaching. 

Leadership & Coaching

And now we’re talking! This is an area I could write pages about. Don’t worry, I won’t.

I became fascinated by us as humans. By our habits, behaviours, beliefs, patterns, fears. The teams I had the privilege to lead have been my biggest teachers and I’ve learnt that no matter what country or continent we live in, we all seek one thing and one thing only – happiness. But happiness means different things to different people and it is extraordinary how our own minds and thoughts influence our perception of that happiness.

And so, approximately 10 years ago, I started working with some fabulous coaches across different areas from performance to executive to life to spiritual to transformational coaching and started ‘digging’ into my own behaviours, patterns, beliefs, thoughts and fears because I can tell you I was one confused human being in my late 30s / early 40s.

A lot has happened, but by learning who I was and what I was all about, I discovered my passion for supporting my team members and my coachees to do the same. Because life is so much better when you know who you are, what is important to you, why and how you get to where you want to get because you have clarity.

Today, I am a full time Leadership and Transformational Coach accredited by the Leading UK-based Coaching Company, Animas, and supported by my multi-year experience of hands-on leadership around the world.