Your Best Year Yet!

2023 Your Best Year Yet!

Yes, there is a lot going on out there. 

Yes, we could blame other people and outside circumstances like our spouses, bosses and government for many things in our lives. 

And yes, we could just have another year thinking about doing things instead of actually doing them. 


I invite us to take another approach towards 2023.  

An approach of taking full responsibility for our own life, beliefs, thoughts, emotions, behaviour and results. 

And I invite us to do it



  • 4 powerful weekly group sessions 
  • 14, 21, 28 January and 4 February 2023 (Saturdays)
  • 10.00am – 12.00pm UK time
  • Online 


  • Getting CRYSTAL clear on your quarter one (January, February, March) vision. Unapologetically clear.
  • Questioning your ‘why’ and getting aligned with your inner compass. 
  • Releasing any limiting blocks that might stand between you and your 2023 success. 
  • Truly stepping into your power while being supported by the energy of your community. 
  • Beating January blues and being fully committed to how you show up in 2023. 
  • Eliminating excuses. 


  • Learning and applying practical tools to eliminate your possible self-sabotaging beliefs and thoughts. 
  • Through the power of group coaching – connecting with your emotions and body to help you tune into the best answers and action steps. 
  • “Getting out of your way” by stepping into the present moment instead of getting lost in the sea of your worrying thoughts.      
  • Being held accountable for the week on week progress. 

It’s been a huge few years for all of us. Things are certainly changing, shifting and transforming. Most of the time we can’t really influence what’s happening out there. 

But we CAN influence how we respond to what’s happening out there. 

We want to connect with our own centre. Our own grounded state of being. And at the same time we want to continue building our dreams, enjoy the presence and create our ideal future. 

We want to LIVE A FULL LIFE. 

Start 2023

  • powerfully
  • focused
  • connected to what really matters to you 
  • aligned to your inner values 
  • knowing how your internal beliefs, thoughts and emotions influence your results 
  • supported by the group of like-minded humans
  • using practical tools to keep you on the right track 

Join my January group workshop and let’s make 2023 your best year yet together

Full Price £590

Bonus One

If you enroll before 30 November



Bonus Two

If you enroll before 15 November



& a 90-min individual coaching session in January 

Payment Option 1

1 x £490

Payment Option 2

1 x £245 in November  

1 x £245 in December

I can’t wait to see you and support you on having the most powerful year yet! 

See you in January!