Transforming stuckness into possibility

4 February 2023 (Saturday)
10:00am – 4:30pm

Come and join me for this day of deep coaching transformation. 

We will step into the world of your subconscious assumptions and beliefs that are running your life without you realising it.   

We will meet in the South Room at The Retreat, New Forest and nourished by an organic, plant-based delicious lunch prepared by the Crow Spotter Café team

we will transform your stuckness into a new possibility. 

Why would you join?

You’ve tried to make a change in your life.
Or achieve a goal. 

You really have. 



Several times. 

But you still seem to be running into the same patterns in your 

  • relationships 
  • business
  • weight loss
  • money matters
  • work issues
  • emotions
  • LIFE

Maybe you get triggered by the same kind of things over and over. 

You are aware of the change you want to master and you have really given it a go. 

You have even managed to achieve the desired change. For a while. And then went back to your old ways. 

It feels like an emotional roller coaster. 


What are you doing wrong? 

It’s exhausting. 


It sometimes makes you want to cry and scream. 

Here’s the deal

You’re not doing ANYTHING wrong. 

On the contrary. Your determination is admirable.

I so feel you. Been there myself so many times, of course

We all have.

So why?

A reason why it is so hard for us to make a sustainable change are our 


“Hidden” being the main word here

It means you’re not aware of them but they’re actively running your show, doing their own thing. 

Until you uncover these assumptions, unfortunately, you WILL keep running into the same patterns.

Good news is, there’s
a way out!

Is it easy? Nope. If it was, we wouldn’t have any challenges with making a lasting change in our lives. 

Is it even possible? 


On 4 February, I will walk you through a step by step process of uncovering those subconscious / hidden assumptions that are holding you back. 

We will open up a new world for you. 


We will take our time. 


In a supportive environment of an intimate group. 

We will dive deep into your conscious and subconscious and we will connect with your body to bring up and transform the stuckness you no longer want to carry. 

Because it’s time to let go. With gratitude and self-compassion. 

I am looking forward to having you and serving you. 

With LOVE, Michaela x

Price – £125 per person


  • Whole day workshop 10.00am – 4.30pm, 
  • Lunch and coffee / tea

I can’t wait to see you!