End of the Year Booster workshop


Regardless of what part of our planet you find yourself in, it has most certainly been another extraordinary year.

With only a few months to go till we bid farewell to 2021, I invite you to take time and get really clear about where you want to place your energy and what you want to accomplish before we get wrapped up in this year’s Christmas cheer. Because thinking about things doesn’t get things done. Taking action does.



  • 25 September (9.30am - 12.00pm UK time; please check your time zone)
  • 23 October (9.30am - 12.00pm UK time)
  • 27 November (9.30am - 12.00pm UK time)

Group sessions provide practical tools and exercises to give you clarity about your goals and keep you on track. Support from your peers is invaluable, and the group will keep you accountable for your actions, month on month, making sure you are moving in the right direction.

We will work as a group and in pairs with the objective of leaving each group session with a clear plan on the steps you want to take in the next four weeks – before our next group meeting.


You will receive a link with the available dates to book THREE individual coaching sessions. These sessions are purely focused on you and the areas you believe that, with my support as your coach, you would like to dig deeper into.

Group sessions are more action-focused, while your individual sessions give you an opportunity to focus more on your inner world - your behaviors, inner beliefs, thought patterns… Because knowing yourself better is the first step to understanding WHY you do what you do and why you want to achieve the things you want to achieve.