How did I end up here? Again…

Sounds Familiar?

From time to time, we find ourselves stuck in life. In our relationships, career, the choices we make.

We often realise that there is a pattern that keeps repeating itself and, for whatever reason, we seem to be unable to break it.

I have good news for you. That pattern you keep re-living – there is a way out of it. All it needs is your commitment to change. Simple, but not always easy, I know.


In the on-one-on sessions with my clients, we go deep. We explore your current life paradigm. Your beliefs, values, self-talk, thoughts. We talk about what serves you and what it is you envision for your future-self.

Coaching is not therapy. We don’t dwell on your past. We look at what needs to be released, unblocked, shifted so that you can reach your desired goal. Coaching is outcome-oriented and agreeing on a clearly defined goal right at the beginning is important.

Most importantly, our time together is about you. It is not about me advising you what to do, what next steps to take. I am here to listen, to understand, ask questions and challenge if necessary. I am here to support you on your journey – whatever that means to you.


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  • We meet on-line (zoom). Each session takes 60 minutes.  

  • Sessions take place on the weekdays at 6pm UK time or on the weekends between 9am and 7pm UK time.