Join me on May 16th at 12noon (BST)

Techniques and trainings to overcome Imposter Syndrome and Self-doubt at work

  • Are you questioning the value you bring to your team and organisation, despite receiving praise for your work?
  • Are you always doubting the quality of your work, fearing it may not meet expectations?
  • Do you feel like everyone else is confident in their abilities while you struggle with self-assurance?

Join me on May 16th 12 noon (BST) to begin to understand where this self-doubt is coming from and easy ways to change the story in your head and the outcome.

How to overcome imposter syndrome & self-doubt at work

How this Masterclass will help you

This is your opportunity to understand where your current beliefs are fuelled from and get ready to make some positive changes to overcome self-doubt.

Where this never-ending stream of self-doubt maybe coming from?

Where you could have been going wrong when trying to beat it?

What the process is if you want to overcome self-doubt caused by Imposter Syndrome once and for all?

The Masterclass will be held on Zoom and once you have registered your link will be sent over to you on email. Spaces will be limited and on a first book basis. The masterclass will last 1hour and at the end I will be taking Q&A’s.

Book your free space at the Zoom Masterclass on May 16th at 12noon (BST)


Meet Michaela - your Masterclass host and Imposter Syndrome and Concious Leadership Coach

Michaela specialises in supporting her clients to overcome Imposter Syndrome, and her greatest passion is empowering people to discover their authentic confidence.

Having struggled with crippling Imposter Syndrome causing panic attacks and anxieties herself, she understands her clients’ challenges first hand.

Michaela is very practical in her approach and it is her desire to equip her clients with tangible tools they can use in everyday life and in every situation.

“I cannot thank Michaela enough. She has a confidence to take you way further then you are able to do yourself and also she has courage to challenge you to expand your thinking to directions you never thought was possible.”

My experience with Michaela as a Transformational Coach has been absolutely stellar.

From the very first session, I have noticed how genuinely kind, interested and loving she is. Through the Individual Coaching Leadership and Mindset Program of 8 sessions, she managed to make me go through a complete journey of transformation, at my own rhythm.

I was originally quite skeptical but her energy and amazing coaching abilities made me trust her completely and I come out of this program completely transformed, in ways I had not imagined.

I am grateful that I got to work with Michaela and I wholeheartedly recommend her coaching work to any person who wants to take the next step in their life, either because they feel stuck or because they are ready to create more or create differently.

Clément Dénarié

I worked with Michaela on 2 specific blocks that I kept experiencing over and over again and it was causing me so much distress and also I haven’t been able to move forward with my life and business.

The blocks were my victim mindset and fear of money.

Michaela coaches me to so much clarity and understanding why I kept holding onto those beliefs that I cannot tell you what a transformation she made in my life.

My victim/little hurt mini me needed so much love and compassion and my money block was based on the anger I held for how I grew up around abundance of money.

I cannot thank Michaela enough. She has a confidence to take you way further then you are able to do yourself and also she has courage to challenge you to expand your thinking to directions you never thought was possible.

Adrijana Tomas Goryn

“I wanted to work with Michaela on strengthening my boundaries. All my life I’ve had difficulties in this area and I’d reached a point where I knew this was affecting my personal relationships, my professional life, and my happiness. Gently and warmly, Michaela helped me to take a step back and understand patterns of behaviour and emotion in unhealthy relationships, and to see where these applied in my own life.

We talked through practical strategies to break these patterns and protect my emotional space, needs and goals. And they worked, and even got easier each time! She also worked with me to vision my future plans and the steps needed to get there. Our sessions together really supported me to build healthier relationships with others and myself, and given me more confidence to move forwards. I can very much recommend working with Michaela if you’re looking for growth and transformation in your life. “

Hannah S

“In the recent years, Michaela and I have been colleagues and I witnessed her pathway to make her passion and ability become her life.

We had maintained the contact and I was hesitant to initiate work with her as we had this connection and was unsure about the line between one and the other.

In the end, we gave it a go last summer and I am so glad I jumped!

Other the weeks, I realized how Michaela was exceptionally qualified. She truly challenged me, made me “re-wire” and supported my journey out of a difficult phase. I can tell there is so much work and reflection between and during sessions from her. Equally, I was deep thinking and reflecting in between. There was a purpose to each session and everything was intentional, not just a session!

The whole process has been enriching, transformational indeed and SO beneficial.

Michaela is continuously working, studying, in retreats and coaching for herself which brings our conversations so much.

Go for it!”


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