Mastering the Art of Speaking in Meetings 

Mastering the Art of Speaking in Meetings and Sharing Your Brilliance with Confidence. 

Elevate Your Meeting Room Presence in just Twelve Weeks.

Warning: This program is not for you if…

  • You’re not serious about the change.
  • You’re waiting for the “right” time to start the transformation.
  • You’re not ready to do the work.
  • You’re not ready to step out of your comfort zone.
  • You’re not ready to follow through.
  • You’re not ready to take responsibility for your progress.
  • You don’t believe you can become a confident speaker.

But you’re in the right place if…

  • You’re ready to commit to the change.
  • You know the time for the transformation is NOW.
  • You’re ready to gently start stepping outside of your comfort zone.
  • You’re ready to lead yourself with confidence.
  • You know it’s your time to shine. (Because if not now – then when?)
  • You’re ready to receive support while taking full responsibility.
  • You’re ready to stop hiding.

Can you imagine what it would be like when…

  • You freely share your opinions and ideas in the meeting rooms?
  • You ask questions without worrying you’re going to sound inadequate?
  • You feel relaxed and self-assured sitting in the meetings?
  • You’re proud of your contributions to various projects?
  • You have fun!
  • You stop beating yourself up for not speaking up.
  • You trust your own judgement.

I know what you’re thinking…

Why do I struggle to express my thoughts in meetings?
It’s so frustrating!

You’ve made significant efforts to speak up confidently in meetings, but it hasn’t become any easier.

Please understand that it’s not your fault!

The key lies in discovering a more effective approach.

I get it! I so do. I used to feel that frustration too.

Until I understood where I was going wrong…

I used to be where you are right now…

My struggles with speaking up in meetings felt like an endless battle. As a high-flying executive in charge of Sales & Marketing, I was expected to deliver presentations and share ideas to boost the company’s revenue.

I had no shortage of ideas and opinions, but I couldn’t convey them in a way that truly resonated with my audience, particularly my boss.

To make matters worse, as I grappled with my inability to communicate effectively, I started experiencing physical symptoms. Uncontrollable red marks would appear on my face and neck every time I attempted to present.

What was once a dream job was swiftly turning into a nightmare.

After years of battling panic attacks and anxieties on my own, I finally sought help.

It took me a while, mainly due to that familiar high-achiever hesitation.

Looking back, I regret not seeking help sooner. I could have saved myself countless sleepless nights, awkward moments, and painful stomach cramps.

Today, in addition to my role as a coach, I’ve embraced the role of a motivational speaker, taking the stage in front of hundreds of people.

No matter who fills the room, I’m met with excitement, not anxiety. I consider it a privilege to share my message with my audience.

What was once a nightmare has transformed back into living my dream, and I’ve truly found my voice.

The good news is that you can too! If I could overcome my challenges, so can anyone.

It all begins with a DECISION: deciding that enough is enough.

“I had the privilege of being coached by Michaela for six life-changing months. Her guidance during this pivotal time in my career was truly invaluable.

Michaela’s expertise and passion shine brightly. She listened wholeheartedly, guiding me through a journey of self-discovery and mindset shift. With her help, I overcame fears and gained confidence.

Michaela’s insights and actionable advice were key in helping me transform my confidence, particularly in the meetings with a Senior Leadership team. “

Luca Henn

“I had an amazing experience with Michaela. I signed up for her coaching not knowing the positive impactful it was going to have on me and my life. 

Michaela’s intuitive and accepting nature, loving spirit and helpful tools was very effective coaching that I never knew I needed, and I’m grateful to have experienced. 

Her coaching helped me feel safe tapping into vulnerable areas of my life, my mind, and my spirit – motivating me to move forward with the intention to live with confidence, and to navigate through the aspects of Imposter Syndrome that I struggle with in my day to day life.”

Addie Masons

Unleash Your Meeting Room Presence.

Introducing ‘Mastering the Art of Speaking in Meetings’—my exclusive 3-part framework program designed to bring about profound transformation.

Prepare for a journey that will:

  1. Unearth Hidden Barriers: We’ll delve deep into your psyche to uncover those unconscious limiting beliefs that have silently hindered your voice. Together, we’ll expose the Blind Spots that have long held your confidence hostage.
  2. Unlock Your Potential: With precision tools and dynamic exercises, you’ll dismantle these barriers. This is your moment to unlock your true potential, gradually building the unshakable confidence needed to express your ideas convincingly in any meeting.
  3. Transform Your Meeting Room Presence: We won’t stop at theory. We’ll bring these newfound insights into the real world, the meeting room. Supported by me and our dedicated group, you’ll compassionately rewrite the script of your beliefs, reclaiming the power to speak with authority

Get ready to embark on a life-changing journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Embark on your Transformational Journey!

Mastering the Art of Speaking in Meetings is a 12-week program designed to equip you with the support, tools, knowledge, and breakthroughs needed to start speaking up and sharing your ideas in meetings.

Being a manager and a leader can sometimes feel very lonely. It doesn’t matter whether you are a first-time leader or a seasoned captain of a ship.

Often, it feels like you “should” have everything figured out, simply because you are in a leadership role. However, having a title on your business card does not mean that you have arrived and don’t need any more support.

On the contrary, a great leader knows that continuous self-development and support are non-negotiable parts of being the best leader you can be.

This program is particularly for those middle managers and newly promoted leaders who are in the process of building their profiles in their companies and understand that the ability to speak up, share their opinions, and express their ideas is an inevitable part of their future career success.

We will delve into your authentic self and uncover the blocks currently holding you back and preventing you from speaking up in meetings with ease and confidence.

The program will begin in the week of November 20th with individual 1-2-1 coaching conversations.

This program is a combination of 1-2-1 coaching with me and group coaching with the whole group.

It’s a powerful combination that involves a personal deep dive into your current experiences and also offers group support, allowing you to connect with other leaders facing similar challenges.

We will conclude the program in the week of February 19th with another personal 1-2-1 coaching session.

This session will help you become intentional about your steps as you embark on your solo journey, this time as a leader who speaks up in meetings with confidence and focus.

Weekly 1-hour sessions take place on Zoom. Regardless of your location, you are welcome to join.

If you can’t attend in person, I will send replays to the whole group immediately after the live calls, allowing you to watch the session as many times as necessary for you to digest and implement the content.


  • A 12-week program.
  • Start date: the week of November 20th, 2023.
  • Finish date: the week of February 19th, 2024.
  • Live weekly 1-hour online sessions.
  • Recordings are available in case you can’t make a live call.
  • Time of the calls: 7:00 – 8:00 pm UK time.
  • A combination of 1-2-1 coaching, teaching, group coaching, and integration.

My main objective is to help you succeed as a leader. I’ve been in your shoes, and I wish someone had helped me break through my fear of speaking up. It could have saved me years of internal struggles and anxieties.

Speaking up is an integral part of your journey, which is why I don’t pre-record the sessions; I meet with you every week on a live Zoom call and hold space for your real challenges in real-time.

Below is the outline of the modules we will go through together.


w/c 20 November

  • Individual 1-2-1 coaching sessions
  • 90 minutes per session
  • Dive into your current situation
  • Identifying the limiting belief


30th November; 7.00pm – 8.00pm UK time 

  • Nervous System regulation
  • Fight – Flight – Freeze
  • Tools to regulate your NS
  • Group sharing


7th December; 7.00pm – 8.00pm UK time 

  • Identifying the triggers
  • Spotting the early warning signs
  • Neuroscience behind my fears
  • Group sharing


14th December; 7.00pm – 8.00pm UK time 

  • Inner critic in my head
  • Self-talk
  • Reframing
  • Group sharing


21st December; 7.00pm – 8.00pm UK time 

  • Live group coaching
  • Group sharing
  • Homework for the X-mas break


11th January; 7.00pm – 8.00pm UK time 

  • Commitment to start showing up
  • What authenticity looks like?
  • Script
  • Group sharing


18th January; 7.00pm – 8.00pm UK time 

  • Energy in the meeting room.
  • Who do I have to be to…?
  • Conscious creation.
  • Group sharing


25th January; 7.00pm – 8.00pm UK time 

  • Emotional Mastery
  • Understand your emotions
  • How to process emotions
  • Group sharing


1st February; 7.00pm – 8.00pm UK time 

  • Live group coaching
  • Group sharing


8th February; 7.00pm – 8.00pm UK time 

  • Completing your practical Tool Kit.
  • What’s my new identity? 
  • Support I need moving forward? 
  • Group sharing. 


w/c 12th February

  • Individual 1-2-1 coaching
  • 90 minute sessions
  • Individual plan on moving forward


22nd February; 7.00pm – 8.00pm UK time 

  • Final Q&As
  • Summary of the process
  • Group sharing
  • Closing

I Want to Join the Programme

The first conversation I’ve had with Michaela has changed my life. She has helped me realise old patterns, inner beliefs & a new approach to my own self. In my most critical time she has kept me centered on what is important with many responsibilities & work related goals. The ability to deeply recognise the challenges and unfold our own hidden strength making me realise how to use them profitably. Best possible way to describe my experience is – she has helped me plant the seeds and I am seeing them grow now. “It’s magical” working through my goals and achieving each one of them with Michaela by my side.  

Rabia Shaheen

I reached out to Michaela to guide me through a new challenge I experienced at work. Her gentle handling of harsh truths, combined with her capacity to help professionals unlock their own limitations turned an uncomfortable situation I couldn’t quite explain or describe, into an opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. After working with Michaela I was able to clearly express what was going through my head and approach work as a thriving professional and collaborative team member. Thanks to Michaela, I have built a bridge at work instead of breaking one.

Fanny Vazquez

Having Michaela with me for the past few months has brought me to a different level. I’ve managed to bring out the best in myself, which had been hidden for a while. I am now more confident and capable of challenging myself more. It has also been a great experience to have someone with whom I can share whatever is on my mind, and whom I can’t talk to anyone else about. Together, we answer questions that make us feel uncomfortable and less confident. We spend time on ourselves and invest in our personal and professional growth, and it is absolutely worth it

Donna Tran

Michaela is a exceptional coach. She asks thought provoking questions and teaching you techniques which allow you to unearth the subconscious thinking that leads to you ‘getting in your own way’. Michaela guides you to explore your thinking and emotional world by noticing what’s happening in your body without any jargon, which is refreshing and makes working with her truly magical. I highly recommend a coaching journey with her to help you get unstuck and move to action..

Rose Latham

Meet Your Mentor

Hi! I’m Michaela, your Imposter Syndrome Coach.

I help talented leaders overcome Imposter Syndrome so that you can show your brilliance in the meeting room.

Apart from being an accredited Transformational Coach and Certified Resilience Practitioner, I’ve been awarded as a Commercial Leader of the Year while leading the teams in my capacity as a Director of Sales & Marketing in Japan and recently, in October 2023, I have received the Powerhouse Women Global Award celebrating global leaders

But most importantly, I love life! I love supporting other humans, I love nature, I love dancing and I love talking to myself.

The Right Time Is Now…

Constantly living with the fear of not being good enough is really not a good way of living.

You deserve to live a full life filled with joy, self-belief and success.

How does it feel when you imagine that in six or twelve months you will still feel like you’re feeling today? Scared to speak up?

Get supported not only by me as your coach but by the energy of the like-minded people determined to shine too!

The breakdown of the value of the programme. 

MODULE 1 £300
MODULE 2 £250
MODULE 3£250
MODULE 4 £250
MODULE 5 £250
MODULE 6£250
MODULE 7£250
MODULE 8£250
MODULE 9£250
MODULE 10£250
MODULE 11£300
MODULE 12£250

The Total Value of this Programme is £3100

But for the November cohort it’s available only at £1050. 


Save £150 by paying in full today! (BEST VALUE)



Pay only £400 to get access, and then 2 monthly payments of £400


I look forward to being your coach, guide and trusted friend who understands your challenges as I’d been in your shoes. 

If you have any questions please contact me at 

[email protected]

I am just an email away. 

With LOVE,